Brand New – High Capacity

Display Screen – Hand Sanitiser Station
Low maintenance – easy to clean

Key features:
Suitable for Adults, Children and Disabled customers
50,000 shots of high-quality sanitiser fluid equating to 0.9ml per shot @ 0.008p (cost)
Screen can display the message of your choice ! Internet linked !
Does not require mains when in Situ – 25 hours on fully charged batteries –
Mains overnight charge.

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Metal microscope slide cabinets

Our microscope slides cabinets have been designed to house large quantities of microscope slides in a small amount of space.  These cabinets are stackable to ensure maximum use of your footprint, ensuring that you can expand your collection as and when the time comes.

Although the cabinets are primarily used for microscope slides, they are also perfect for storing ancient coins and stamps.

Our cabinets are hermetically sealed to guard against such things as the ingress of dust, bugs and the museum beetle for example.

Even though these cabinets are compact, you may not have the space to site a full stack, if this is the case you could always place them on top of an existing cupboard or unit.

Combining an all metal construction and the use of high quality components such as hinges, handles, seals etc., these cabinets are built to last and will serve you well for years to come.

The size of a cabinet is 698mm (w) x 565mm (d) x 600mm (h), there are 2 configurations available –

  • 9mm internal height drawer – 76 drawers per cabinet
  • 15mm internal height drawer – 54 drawers per cabinet

A plinth can be supplied which is 75mm high.

Established, invested and here to produce high quality products for you



We’re back, ready for your enquiry….

After our annual 2 week summer shutdown, we are back up and running ready for your next enquiry.

Storage solutions for bespoke office furniture

We are often asked to design bespoke specials that are based around our standard product in order to  meet a clients requirement.

Here are three examples that we have recently designed and manufactured –

2 Drawer mobile side filer –


This unit was designed around a brief that required a storage unit that was mobile, lockable and have heavy duty drawers.

With that in mind, we based the design around a standard side filer.  The base was reinforced to accommodate the four castors which were positioned at each corner and added counter balance weights to give maximum stability.

Along with increasing the material thickness, the drawers were re-designed to ensure the additional storage weight would not cause any issues.  At the same time, heavy duty runners were specified.


10 Drawer, 2 door cupboard – 


On this particular unit, the client required a lockable drawer unit to house electronic modules. So we took a standard two door cupboard and re-designed it to accept ten drawers.  New inner panels were made to take the soft closing runners. Although not shown in the picture, anti-static rubber mats were fitted to each drawer to protect the electronic modules that were being housed in them.


2 Door ‘Loom’ storage cupboard –


The design brief for this cupboard was simple, “I need a cupboard to store complete sets of parts that are ready for assembly”. These parts included some wiring looms, electrical components and small sub-assemblies. With this in mind, we took the design of a two door tall cupboard, re-designed the rear panel to allow the fitment of hanging arms. The cupboard was also supplied with three adjustable shelves. The client was able to hang his looms over the hanging arms and layout his components on the shelves as he needed.



Coming soon………….Full details on our latest project

In the coming weeks we will publish a full case study for this project, but in the meantime these pictures  give a slight insight of what’s to come.

The sheer size and magnitude of the project was always going to have a drain on our resources, but as ever we battled through it. With over 3 months in the design office, many hundreds of hours on the shop floor, over 500 fixings and fasteners, we manged to exceed everyone’s expectations.

We have just delivered 35 units to the client, everyone is so pleased with the overall result.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend

New project – New challenges

Well, here we are at the early stages of a very exciting project, one that has set some challenges for us here at CDS.  But as ever, we are thinking outside the box to give the client what he envisaged.

Take for example this panel, we needed to produce a corner bend with a large radii.  Not having the correct diameter tool our shop foreman used his initiative and made his own, simple but effective.


Now that we can bend the panel, it’s a simple task of adding threaded studs using our Pemserter machine.  On this panel alone there are 21 studs in 4 different sizes.


Now that this panel is complete it can be welded to a number of other panels to form a small sub-assembly. This sub-assembly will then be put together with other panels/assemblies to make a complete unit. More details and pictures as this project evolves.

Welded construction – Stainless steel Cabinets

The unit below is the first off of a batch of 20 cabinets. These cabinets will be installed outside in harsh environments so have been constructed from 316 stainless steel.  We have designed the cabinet in such a way that the joins between each panel overlap to help stop the ingress of water.  After riveting the panels together, all joints are then TIG welded together to give maximum strength and rigidity.  After welding, waterproofing seals are added to the carcass, and the doors hung using 6mm thick stainless steel hinges.  To maintain the correct compression ratio on the seals, special compression locks are for this application.

20161104_11295420161103_09405220161103_103405 20161103_103414

RAS Bending station

I’ve uploaded a video on YouTube showing one of our two RAS bending stations forming a typical pallet rack shelf. Click the link detail to view it.

IMG 6583


Plan chests – Come in all shapes and sizes

We produce museum quality plan chests in various standard sizes, drawer configuration and styles. Special & bespoke units can be manufactured to order. Bespoke storage solutions can be designed & manufactured to incorporate shelves, drawers, doors etc. to suit our customer’s individual requirements.

All units come with a range of different options including, deep rear hood and front flaps fitted to the drawer, this prevents drawing curl, anti-tilt and locking. We also offer a ‘drop-down’ front option of drawer, the drawer front easily rotates to just below horizontal enabling the fragile contents to be placed into the drawer without any damage to the item.

All planchest are robustly manufactured and an extended guarantee can be offered.

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